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Concept Plastics

The Ladybug. A charming little insect - legendary to bring good luck to the garden. An appropriate inspiration for the naming of our distinctive line of hand-crafted decorative garden accessories...a line known for its original and exclusive designs as well as beautiful antique and museum reproductions. Our line is best described as Garden Decor with an emphasis on replicating European and English garden ornament and offering finishes that create the weathered look so attractive in those Old World Gardens.



For over 20 years, Hickory Manor House has produced unique classical mirrors and home accessories. Our designs are inspired by elements of fine antiques from around the world.


We expertly craft each item with quality materials and historical perspective, maintaining important For over 20 years, Hickory Manor House has produced unique classical mirrors and home character features that give each piece an authentic original appearance.



Hickory Manor House

CPI has been in the resin casting business since 1970, meeting the molding needs of literally thousands of customers in the furniture, lamp, decorative accessory, signage and architectural industries. Located in High Point, the "furniture capitol of the world" -- we are one of the nation's largest custom molders.





Established in 1970 in High Point, North Carolina, the "Furniture Capital of the World", our company Concept Plastics, Inc. is America's premier maker of fine furniture and decorative resin castings. Using extremely accurate molding techniques, exceptional craftsmanship in casting, and artisan skills in hand finishing, we offer through our Craft-Tex and Ladybug lines a wide variety of products for the home, office and garden. Design and custom molding services are also available. We invite your inquiry and appreciate your business.

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