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While  most of our customers    provide their own original "model,"  our services are full  range. We can  take your idea from a rough sketch or drawing, make a model and mold and reproduce it in the requires quantities. We can even do the finishing for you -- from a simple stain to intricate hand painting-- depending upon your specification. Whether you need a dozen or several thousand, our work force can make it happen.

As many of our customers will attest, one of the major advantages that CPI can offer is quick turnaround. Compared with alternatives, there is also a relatively low up-front investment.


Mold charges for small to medium-size items are relatively inexpensive, and can sometimes be amortized into individual prices.



Our casting materials offer unmatched flexibility & versatility, allowing duplication of an almost unlimited range of materials.


Depending on our customers need, our formulations range from wood, stone, metal, plaster, cermaic, clay and more.




WOOD, STONE, METAL, PLASTER, CERAMIC, CLAY, LEATHER...resin duplicates the best qualities of all these media, while eliminating many of their inherent limitations.


For example, resin-formulated stone products look and feel like natural stone, but often are more durable due to the fact resin does not absorb moisture and will not crack under freezing conditions.


Our original "CONCEPT WOOD" formula which offers many of the actual physical properties of can be sanded, nailed, screwed, stapled, glued & finished -- flexible or rigid, solid or rotational cast -- lending itself perfectly to many furniture industry applications...

to a BONDED MARBLE BLEND which provides substantial weight and stability... ideally suited for both interior and exterior products.

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